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2016-2017 Curriculum

The Top 10 Public Health Threats

Managing HTN: Still the silent killer?

The Dizzying Evaluation of a Possible Stroke

Anti-arrhythmics for A Fib

Choosing the right Anticoagulant

Hemostasis in the Bleeding, Anticoagulated Patient

The Transformation of HCV Treatment

Managing Liver failure

New Agents and Paradigms in Managing Type 2 DM

Case Discussion for Diabetes patient management

Managing Addictions and Opioid Overdose

PTSD, Anxiety and Depression


The Spectrum of Pain Disorders

Managing Resistant HTN

Is Prevention Effective for CAD, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes

Crystalloid Arthropathies

Inflammatory Arthropathies

Treating COPD

Pulmonary Hypertension

Thyroid Nodules

Pulmonary Nodules

Metabolic Syndrome

Update in Pain Management

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