About Us


My MedChart is the first step in improving Medication Adherence – which has been increasing recognized as a crucial determinant in treatment efficacy of a many disease states. The concept intersects all aspects of medicine as well as tenets of public health. Adherence to medications for some diseases (e.g., HIV, TB, pneumonia, hepatitis) has an immediate impact on recovering (or dying) from that disease, whereas it has a slow, cumulative impact on the longevity of an individual with other diseases (e.g., hypertension, diabetes). Despite the increasing availability of more and more medicines, there has been no parallel increase in simple patient education—to allow individuals to know (in a snapshot) when and how take all of their medications. Our pilot software (My MedChart) describes how to print a graphic depiction of any patient’s antiretroviral regimen. This program does not request any patient identifiers, and does not record the identity of the user in any manner. It simply allows the user to select medications and specify (in any language), how they should be taken; and then prints a graphic of how and when the medications should be administered. The program’s use is available free, at www.TheForceInc.org.