About Us


Our financial support has come from various private corporations, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. Corporate donors know fully well that their contributions do not fund any single activity in its entirety, and it is the pooled resources that are utilized to implement our programs. Their commitment to education has been no less noble than that of academic centers or government: afterall, each of these entities has a bias. In fact, private corporations have neither requested nor had any influence in our educational programs; and our curricula are devised and conducted independently, where-in CME-accreditation is obtained.

We have the benefit of amazingly well-accomplished faculty, primarily from New York, and some from other parts of the nation. As a private non-profit organization not based at one of these institutions, there is no hesitation for tapping the brain trust of diverse institutions. Our first program on January 29, 2003 featured presentations by Dr Douglas Dieterich (whose role in education about viral hepatitis is unsurpassed), and Dr Jay Dobkin (who has steered the Columbia University AIDS Center to immense success). They set the high standards for subsequent programs, and the presenters who followed have sustained that standard

A Sampling of our Invited Faculty

  • Jay Dobkin, MD
  • Douglas Dieterich, MD
  • Graeme Moyle, MD
  • Nicholas Hellman, MD
  • Brian Conway, MD
  • Amar Munsiff, MD
  • Marshall Glesby, MD
  • Harvey Katzeff, MD
  • Kathryn Anastos, MD
  • Mark Sauer, MD
  • Jeffrey Birnbaum, MD
  • Edward Handelsman, MD
  • Judith Wethers, MSHSM
  • Roy Gulick, MD
  • Peter Alpert, MD
  • Brian Boyle, MD
  • Andrew Wiznia, MD
  • Michael Rosenberg, MD
  • Sonal S. Munsiff, MD
  • Marie Charles, MD, MIA